This reader describes the various web pages on

The Syllabus lists the various premium sites for review.

Intranet lists various bookmark managers and content management systems.

The Associates page lists the CPanel log-in sites.

The Studies page lists recent projects.

The Projects holds HTML pages that have been created.

CMS is a complete list of content management systems on various platforms.

The Weather Page lists links to weather sites.

Navigation is a complete list of uploaded web links.

Subdomains lists the subdomains of various domains.

The Workbook are various projects in process, including HTML pages.

Team provides the work of the web team.

Convocation is the work of Convocation 2023.

Curriculum is a web page of the curriculum for 2023.

Domains lists the domains currently in process.

Converted files offers web pages converted from PDF files.

Notebook lists a series of bookmark managers currently in use.

Noticias lists portal projects in process.

Services is a start page in process.